How to choose the right Niche

Importantly the main thing you have to keep in your mind during choose your niche -

What is the process of content writing ?
What is the process of content writing ?
What is a process of content writing ?

What is the process of content writing ?

  1. . First pick your topic which is relevant to your niche and talent.
  2. Do research related to your topic on google and you tube . read their content so that you will get the idea is what you have to write unique which is not available go deep in research as much as possible because if you write something which is already available , so you couldn’t able to attract your audience . it seems like that they are in chore Bazaar being cheated .
  3. Write down your ideas and thoughts in your diary and make notes of it , it’ll very helpful and important while you write the content . this step gives you base and raw structure of your content .
  4. Decide limited (approximate) time limit of your video. Every topic has its own time limit of explanation itself and if you try to make it extensive so it’ll be little boring.
  5. visual content is necessary from which your audience would able to connect to you and visualize your thoughts and point of view about the topic.

How can you write effective content ?

Although there is no shortcut and secret formula for content writing but here is some tips that can help improve the quality and quantity of your written material .

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